Thermal transfer and direct thermal printers

With a thermal-transfer printer, you can print your own labels and tags on virtually any material. The printers, in combination with the right printing ribbons, offer prints that are indistinguishable from printed matter. In addition, they are resistant to scratches, smudges and many chemical substances.
Logi Label offers printers from Zebra, Toshiba and Godex.


Zebra is a global supplier and market leader of strong and reliable printing solutions. Since its founding in 1969, more than 5 million printers have been sold worldwide. Companies around the world use Zebra printers to improve their logistics processes.

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Toshiba printers print the smallest characters very quickly and sharply thanks to the high-performance near-edge technology. In addition, all Toshiba industrial printers are suitable for humid environments, such as cold stores, due to the stainless steel housing. Toshiba produces the printers entirely in-house and under the strictest technological requirements. Toshiba supplies printers for desktop applications, industrial applications (harsh environments) and portable printers.

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Godex provides technically advanced and affordable printers that are very well designed and where ease of use is paramount. With Godex support and a dedicated worldwide reseller network, Godex printers offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee at a very competitive price. Also for specialized printers for printing labels on test tubes, the GTL-100 - A printer and labeling system in one for tubes, test tubes, etc.

Godex also has a solution for printing labels without backing paper (linerless). The DT4L - a linerless label printer with an easy to disassemble knife (for cleaning) and a special plate roller.

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  • Print from 2" (52 mm.) to A4 wide (210 mm)
  • From 8 dots to 24 dots printheads
  • Desktop models (small footprint)
  • Industrial printers (stainless steel - heavy duty - shielded)
  • Portable printers (light - easy to handle - easy to carry on a belt)
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