Print ribbons from Inkanto (formerly Armor)

Logi Label has been a supplier of Inkanto thermal transfer ribbons since its establishment in 2000. Inkanto is located in France where all ribbons are manufactured and cut for the whole range of printers worldwide. Logi Label has a limited stock of Inkanto ribbons and test ribbons of all qualities. Logi Label can deliver the Inkanto ribbons within 2-3 days because they are ordered weekly.

The Inkanto ribbons are manufactured under approval of many industry standards and approvals such as BSI, FDA, UL, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, QSE and LFGB. New at Inkanto in the production process of the AWR470 quality wax ribbons is that they are manufactured solvent free. Soon the AWR6 will follow and Inkanto hopes to have eliminated all solvents within the next few years. Of course this will take time and a lot of testing will be necessary in order not to compromise the quality.

Products manufactured by INKANTO and supplied by Logi Label.

For flat head printers like ZEBRA, DATAMAX, SATO and UBI
AWR®8 - AWR®470 - AWR®6 - AWX®FH wax ribbons - Whereby the AWX®FH quality belongs to the top and can also be used well on some synthetic materials.
APR®6 - APX®FH wax resin ribbons where the APX®FH quality offers that extra quality that can be needed in some extreme applications.
AXR®7+ - AXR®8 - AXR®9 resin ribbons whereby the AXR®9 is extremely suitable for printing on textile substrates and is resistant to all related requirements such as chemical dry cleaning, ironing, bleaching etc.

Also from Inkanto / ARMOR we supply a whole range of transfer color ribbons for Flat head printers in the qualities AWR® (wax), APR® (wax resin), AXR® (resin).
Colors available:
AWR®: Light red 185C - Gold 874C - Green Green C - Dark blue 286C
APR®: Dark red 485C - Ligth red 1788C - Brown 463C - Green C - Dark green 554C - Dark blue 286C - Light blue Reflex BlueC - Gray 5425C - White
AXR®: White - Dark Blue 286C - Light Green C - Dark Red 192C

Test ribbons are always available upon request.


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