Logi Label is the right address for all your special labels and tags. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the most specific applications, we can always help you find the right label.
For example, you expect promotional labels to consist of multiple layers, such as a scratch surface with an award-winning code. And when labels are exposed to chemicals, moisture or heat, you expect them to be resistant. Do you work in the healthcare sector? Then you need wristbands with patient information, for example. Logi Label has the right material for you.

Promotional labels & tags

Promotional labels serve a special purpose and therefore deserve our special attention. After all, your product promotion, price action or product information must be communicated clearly.
The labels can consist of several layers and be provided with a scratch surface. For example, for a personalised or prize-winning code. Please contact us for advice on the possibilities, materials and different applications.

Extreme conditions.

Chemicals, seawater or sunlight ... Extreme circumstances require a label made of a specific material. Logi Label knows better than anyone the requirements for the most diverse situations. Reason enough for various chemical companies to choose our labels. Digital printing is also becoming increasingly possible with special inks.
Another example? We supply various plug-in labels, hang tags and plastic labels for horticulture that are resistant to outside air, water and UV light. Of course, these can also be printed by the end user using thermo transfer and full colour inkjet.

Specific environments.

We can also produce labels and tags for your specific environment. Together with you, we look at the right material combinations that exactly meet your guidelines.


Logi Label is at home in the healthcare sector, supplying a wide range of products to many healthcare institutions and hospitals worldwide. From labels for a hospital bed to wristbands to register patient data. Besides these materials, we also supply printers and associated tools to print and edit wristbands and patient cards. Logi Label is a Zebra supplies specialist and can tell you everything about the use of original Zebra supplies in hospitals in combination with the Zebra printers.

Examples Healthcare

Wristbands printed with variable data using thermal transfer printers or the HC100 cassette printer. The print is smudge- and scratch-proof and resistant to chemicals. This guarantees readability during the patient's stay.
Card printers to print patient cards directly. You can print all desired customer data, colour pictures and barcodes.
Labels for special circumstances. Think of labels for the autoclave or for sterilisation processes, where the label is exposed to moisture and extremely cold temperatures.

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