Logi Label is supplier of various brands of label printers

Running out of labels can significantly slow down your business processes. By printing them in-house, you avoid this risk. With our printers, you can quickly print all your desired data on any material.

Barcodes on self-adhesive polythene, for example, or on non-adhesive cardboard, paper or polyester. You can also print colour labels in-house in large or small print runs. By controlling the printer with for example NiceLabel software, any link with your database is possible.

What we offer:

  • Thermal transfer printers from Zebra, Toshiba and Godex, DTM Print (colour film).
  • Colour inkjet label printers from DTM Print, Primera , Epson and Afinia
  • Laser labelprinters from OKI
  • Plastic card printers from Zebra.


We also regularly sell our demonstration printers. Please mail or call us for availability.

See here an overview:

  • L301 Afinia Listprijs € 1.450,00                        Special price € 1.087,50
  • L501 Afinia Listprijs € 2.995,00                        Special price € 2.246,25
  • L801 Afinia Listprijs € 6.795,00                        Special price € 5.096,25
  • C831 Epson Listprijs € 1.895,00                       Special price € 1.137,00
  • LX500e   Primera Listprijs € 1.295,00                Special price € 971,25
  • ZX1300i/300dpi Godex Listprijs € 1.546,00       Special price € 1.004,90
  • Z140 Xi4 300 dpi Zebra Listprijs € 5.482,00      Special price € 3.289,20 
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