Labelmate rewinders/unwinders en slitters

Labelmate is the world's largest manufacturer of label unwinders, rewinders, dispensers, slitters and derived applications.

Logi Label is proud to say that they are authorized reseller of Labelmate products in the Netherlands.

Labelmate manufactures Rewinders, Unwinders, Dispensers and Slitters of the highest quality! Labelmate manufactures all their products themselves and therefore guarantees the industrial quality and can therefore give a 5-year warranty on parts and labour of the Unwinders and Rewinders, except of course for the normal wear parts. All their other equipment is guaranteed for 3 years, except power supplies, count modules and encoders.

Choose with confidence for Labelmate, "the industry standard" for winding, dispensing and cutting your label rolls. There are already thousands of Labelmate machines in use worldwide that work trouble-free day in and day out, so yours can join them.

LABELMATE's mission is to make label printing easier, faster and more effective by developing smart and durable devices that support their operator before, during or after the printing or application process.

Highest quality
The most user-friendly, heavy-duty and reliable products of their kind, each LABELMATE product is built to exacting industry standards.
Our product quality is reflected in the unmatched warranty program of 3-year limited warranty.

Martkt leader
While others copy, we innovate. We offer you the most innovative, complete and reliable product portfolio available on the market.

Made in Belgium, Global Presence
LABELMATE's sales, support, product engineering and manufacturing operations are located in the center of Europe, south of Brussels, Drogenbos, Belgium, with products available in over 70 countries around the world.

LABELMATE people are flexible, open-minded, knowledgeable and dedicated.

In our webshop you can find all technical information and all different models.

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