Plastic Cardprinters

Whether cards, credit cards or loyalty cards, plastic cards are indispensable in business and consumer life. The success is easy to explain: The dimensions are universal and the cards are durable. The ideal choice for countless applications.

With a digital card printer you can print your own plastic cards according to your wishes and immediately when you need them. Combined with a PC and a camera or scanner you have a fully integrated system that allows you to print your card in seconds. It is also very easy to personalise the cards immediately.

With the ability to incorporate additional information carriers into your card printer, such as magnetic strips and smart chips, the possibilities of digitally printed cards extend as far as you wish. You can also add artwork, text, barcodes and logos to your card.

Logi Label supplies the card printers of Zebra

Zebra card printing solutions provide businesses with greater security, higher quality, lower costs and better customer service. Choose from a wide range of full colour or black and white card printers. Options range from Ethernet connectivity, smart card and magnetic stripe encoding, to lamination for higher security and longer durability. There's always a Zebra card printer to meet your business needs; from payment cards to driver's licences, from membership cards to employee identification badges, from gift vouchers to ski passes and much more.

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